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Service - May 16th 1993

(The following is the welcoming address given by Bill McLachlan)

Greetings and thank you for coming.

A special thanks to Rev. Gregoire and his wife, Gail Lyons our vocalists and Piper Andrew Moore.

As you are probably aware the recycle generation has included me in this process when the Lord took Duncan Lamb.

I recently perused some old papers dating back to 1919 when at that time the President was W A MacCallum, VP: J T Nesbitt, Sec/Tres.: D A MacEachern and Directors(3): J R MacCallum, A P MacLachlan and Percy Campbell.

At a general meeting of 1922 the treasurer indicated cash in the bank of $165.12.

On July 24th 1924 Alexina McLachlan, wife of Peter D Muir, was laid to rest in the cemetery.

On June 27th 1923 D W McLachlan gave written authority to have the steel fence around the family plot removed according to minutes submitted by John P McLachlan (my father). The Officers elected were Honorary President D A MacEachern, Pres. W A McCallum, VP: A P McLachlan, Sec/Tres. John P McLachlan and directors (3): Percy Campbell, John T Nesbitt and Rory McLachlan. The meeting also appointed W A MacCallum, A P McLachlan and John P McLachlan to look into securing a provincial charter. Balance in 1924 was $72.53.

During the years up to 1926 many letters to Notary Bertrand and Assistant Provincial Secretary resulted in success when in November 1936 Edward the 8th through the Government of Quebec provided a charter.

Recent past from about 1957 has provided many changes. Some of those involved in the extension of the grounds were: Mac MacCallum, J K Angus, Malcolm MacLachlan, Angus MacLachlan, Don McLachlan, Russel MacCallum, James MacLachlan, Duncan Lamb, Ted McLachlan and myself.

Many people provided financial support of which we are most grateful.

As well, others, such as Alberta Lamb, Marianne Lamb, and Campbell Evans provided a variety of measures of assistance which I and you sincerely appreciate.

I an pleased to report the care-taking is capably provided by Bill Newton. The computer records of Marianne Lamb are now being updated by Ted McLachlan who is now the financial controller.

I am sure the maintenance and care of the resting place our loved ones will be to your satisfaction.

I wish to extend my personal, thanks to Marianne Lamb for the capable administration of the cemetery affairs for so many years. We wish her will in Newfoundland.

I wish to read some correspondence: (4)

This concludes my report.

Thank you and God Bless.

W McLachlan

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