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Service - May 29, 2011 at 3PM

(The following is the welcoming address given by Bill McLachlan)


Thank you for your presence here today showing faith in and encouragement to the committee.

We are here today to honour our forefathers as well as support each other in friendship.

Cemeteries are not simply as the Greek work maintains "a sleeping place". They hold a tangible record of our history. Cemeteries tell us when the area was settled, the ethnic background of the settlers, and what diseases swept through the area. They are a record of social as well as family history. People need to pay attention and take time to go out and look at cemeteries - they may not always be with us. These pioneer cemeteries are fading before our eyes as the marble stones slowly erode. We are losing part of history. Today's placoids do not record the history of the individual or cause of demise, they do not assist in the establishment of family connections. Cemeteries do provide a sense of nationality, a sense of identity for the living as well as a resting place for the dead. The manner in which a society cares for it's dead is a measure of its people - their ideals and the respect they have for themselves and their community.

We of Lochaber heritage are fortunate to have a committee of dedicated people:

I would like to thank the rev. Dr. Tom Gemmell for being with us today. Dr Gemmell was the interim minister of Knox. Presbyterian Church Ottawa and we thank him for his service here today.

I also sincerely thank Linda Winkelaar for her contribution to our service - she is a valued member of the Knox Choir.

The service at a Scottish cemetery is always enhanced with pipe music and I thank Andrew Moore for his contribution.

Thank you,
Bill McLachlan

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