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News - December 2016

Stay in touch - tell us your stories!

As we approach the end of 2016, the Lochaber Bay Cemetery Committee (LBCC) wants to bring you up to date on past and planned activities. Our intent is to provide an annual letter so that friends and descendants know about cemetery projects and issues, as well as stories from the past that inform us about our Lochaber heritage.

With this in mind, we invite you to send us stories that you may have about Lochaber, your family, or your memories of time spent in Lochaber over the years. We will share these stories with other friends of the Cemetery via social media, our website, in newsletters, or at memorial days.

Save the Date for Lochaber Bay Cemetery Memorial Day 2017

We are organizing a Memorial Day event for the afternoon of June 3, 2017 (with June 4th as a rain date if necessary).

We do not hold these events every year, but given our ancestors’ contribution to settling Canada, we thought it appropriate to have one in 2017 as we approach the 150th Anniversary of Confederation! Be sure to mark this event on your calendar and plan to join us for a get-together and refreshments.

We will provide details and directions in the spring on our website.

Interments in 2016

We had one interment this year. Lorine E Daly (wife of Adrian Clement).

We have also had a few new headstones installed .. so come out and take a peek!

How to arrange an interment or place a headstone

If you would like to arrange for the installation of a headstone or an interment, please contact us at info [at] lochabercemetery [dot] org and we will assist you with the arrangements and paper work.

Note: Only people approved by the LBCC are permitted to do work on the cemetery grounds.

Back In The Mists Of Time : Dorothy Lamb - June 1935

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in June 1935, when the Walter Lamb family of Ottawa were visiting their cousins, Dorothy Lamb and her nephews Percy and Jamie Campbell, who still lived on and worked the original Lamb farm on the Ottawa River at Lochaber Bay, Quebec. The farmhouse sat on a ridge about fifty feet above the river. A glassed-in porch on the front of the house gave a panoramic view of the river and the rolling farmland on the Ontario shore. Here in the porch Dorothy Lamb was relating stories of the early days on the farm to the visitors.

Suddenly her eyes took on a far away look and she said, "Way back in the mists of time in Scotland, the Campbells massacred the Lambs. Since that time the Lambs had no dealings with the Campbells. But," she continued, "when the Lambs came to Canada, there were Campbells on the next farm." "Then a Lamb married a Campbell," referring to her older sister, Margaret, who had married Percy and Jamie's father, Hugh Campbell. "And someday a Campbell will inherit the Lamb property."

One of the children present never forgot this story. The Lambs massacred! How could that be?


Cemetery Repairs and Maintenance

As many are probably aware, Bill Newton is our caretaker and he and his crew have been doing a fabulous job over the years cutting our grass, wrestling with the hedge once a year and of course discretely doing the shovel work, and most important, headstone footings and placements. Many thanks Bill and crew!

Headstone Repair

In the last year we have cataloged a number of headstones from the early days of the cemetery that are in poor shape. We are currently in the process of requesting advice from local experts on a reasonable course of action. Stay tuned for further news!

Our Purpose

To insure perpetual care for our loved ones and ancestors and to insure that the heritage of the first settlers of the bay is preserved. Our goal is to insure that there is long term financial resources to maintain the cemetery in the fashion that those who choose to be interred here and their families would be proud.

How to Keep in Touch

We invite you to keep in touch in the following ways:

We also welcome any comments or questions to any of the Committee members by sending an email to info [at] lochabercemetery [dot] org

We encourage you to use email to contact us : info [at] lochabercemetery [dot] org. We'd be pleased to give you a phone number of a committee member if you prefer to discuss an issue by voice!

Hope you found this news letter interesting! .. let us know!


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