The objective of this website is to facilitate the collection and communication of historic information related to the families buried at the Lochaber Bay Cemetery (LBC) as well as to provide information on the activities of the LBC Committee including past and future services and socials.

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News - August 2023

Hello everyone! Here is an update on happenings at the cemetery.

September 2023


MacEacherns of Lochaber Bay

It is 1745 and "Neil MacEachern" has escaped to France from England with Prince Charlie. He changes his name to "Eachan MacDonald" because he knows that the French have trouble pronouncing "MacEachern". With good fortune, he marries a French lady and one of their sons becomes a famous general in Napoleon's army. [ref 1]

Take a stroll through the Lochaber Bay Cemetery and you will find 5 headstones with the MacEachern name. Dig a little deeper and you will find over 10 related burial plots and a whole lot of questions!


Lochaber Bay 1912-2012 Reunion

It is Aug 25th, 2012 and it is one of the hottest days of the summer and 50 people have gathered at the Lochaber Bay Cemetery to celebrate 100 years since the 1912 reunion that was so well attended, photographed and documented.



Many generations of families linked to the Lochaber Bay Cemetery have taken the time to record stories of the region in the form of short articles or, in a few cases, large 100+ page books! This makes fascinating reading!

This section is in two parts: History of Cemetery and Region and Recent Events and Services.


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